Boston Creates Apps to Help Recovering Addicts

  • Boston Creates Apps to Help Recovering Addicts

    Boston Creates Apps to Help Recovering Addicts

    Addiction is one of the country’s biggest epidemics, luckily Boston has some great minds working with today’s technology to help recovering addicts. Two new Boston grown corporations have created phone applications to help recovering a little easier, according to CBS Boston.

    Jack Kelly was a former addict who knows how hard it is to get sober and remain clean, he also created an app called iRecover for smartphones. Kelly remembers when he was addicted to heroin and living on the streets at the age of 18. Having lost loved ones from addiction, Jack hopes to change the amount of people who receive help and and stay sober. The app is available now and it’s features include buttons allowing users to connect with other people using the app, find near by meetings and most importantly, a button that can call for help. The button calls 911 and is easily accessible for someone who is overdosing or someone witnessing an overdose.

    Nick Krasucki is the second recovery app developer. Krasucki was an alcoholic who created an app for sober people to find each other, much like a dating site, but with quite not the same intent. Krasucki works with a fellow recovering addict, Beau Mann. Together they created Sober Grid, a social network app that enables its members to find other recovering addicts worldwide. Members are able to get in contact and connect over the relatable everyday trials and tribulations of recovery. Sober Grid has gained upward of 20,000 members since it’s debut and the creators hope to have a million by next year.


    “If we help one person improve their lives and put down their addiction to alcohol or drugs or whatever it may be, then we’ve met our goal,” Krasucki says, as reported by CBS Boston.


    Both apps have affiliating purposes and in no way are they in competition. Kelly favors whatever method or app helps people choose to beat their addiction and keep them alive. Also, both apps are free in the app store for smartphones but, Sober Grid has an additional premium form of the app that requires pay. Kelly has hopes for iRecovery’s future, sooner or later the app will allow users to get in contact with psychiatrists and life coaches. Both apps developers ensure users personal information to be confidential and under user privacy policy to protect their identity and their situations.


    If you or anyone you know is suffering from addiction and would like to receive help or education on treatment options please contact Drug and Alcohol Rehab Boston or call our helpline for more information (857)267-5049.


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